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Free Microsoft Points Generator 2013

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Microsoft Points Generator

These days Microsoft Points are very expensive. That's why I created this xbox live Microsoft Points Generator that logs into the Microsoft servers and downloads a Microsoft code! The only thing you have to do is run the program and wait a few minutes for the Microsoft Points to Generator!

What is the benefit of using this Microsoft Points Generator?

You will be able to download all the new dlc games music and everything else on the Xbox live marketplace. And not just that this Microsoft Points Generator also generates xbox live gold codes! This part of the Microsoft Points Generator is a bit glitchy, so it might take a few tries to get it to work.

How long does it take for the Microsoft Points Generator to generate a code?

As soon as the program generates the Microsoft Points they will be working! Just enter it on your account and you will receive the code.

Will I be banned for using the Microsoft Points Generator?

No! the Microsoft Points Generator is completely undetectable so you don't have to worry about your account!

How many Microsoft Points can I generate?

Only 3 per ip per month. I have done this so that the program isn't overused and to make sure people aren't going to sell the Microsoft points.

Microsoft Points Generator Download
Instructions :

1. Download the file.
2. Open it with winrar
3. Start the program and wait till it logs into the microsoft server
4. Choose the amount of points you want
5. Wait till the program gives you your free working xbox live microsoft points

Microsoft points Generator Download

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